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My short story, Melting Mr Frosty's Heart has been released and is now available to download! This is a catch up from "ice cream girls" story Anything But Vanilla where Sorrel floated the idea that stiff, controlling millionaire Graeme Laing might do worse than invite hippy dippy Knickerbocker Gloria to share his box at Covent Garden. As Great Uncle Basil remarks - "she'll certainly shake the creases out of his pants."

Will she say yes? Do opposites ever attract? And what does happen to his pants?

This is a short story but a longish one well worth the 99p/99c which is the minimum Amazon and iBooks allows me to charge. Less than I pay for my morning paper - and much less than a cup of coffee - so this is the moment for those of you who have enjoyed my ice cream girls to one-click.

Also, for those of you in Australia, there is an August reprint of The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride (An Ordinary Girl and a Sheikh 3-in-1) in Australia.

I hope you're enjoying the season whether it's sun or snow where you are!

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