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"Liz Fielding’s The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella is charming and funny, but has some dark emotional moments too.  A keeper..."


Romantic Times,  4½ stars 



"Alongside the warm and funny humour, this story also contains a large sprinkling of emotion, synonymous with every Liz Fielding story, that will have the reader reaching for the tissues while swallowing the lump in her throat.  This is one story you don't want to miss!"


Romance Reviewed,  5 roses

"The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella is without a shadow of a doubt one of the year’s best category romances! Liz Fielding has written an outstanding romantic tale that’s unmissable, unforgettable and unputdownable!"


Julie Bonello

Cataromance (5)


"It’s simply a warm and sweet romance."


Once Upon a Romance (4.5)


"Liz Fielding takes feisty characters, along with secondary ones, that lend depth to the storyline, and creates a whirlwind romance with wonderful twists and turns that truly delights. There were moments I was in awe over the encounters with Ben and Ellie in this stunning tale."


Coffee Time Romance (4)


"The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella is the perfect read for any reader who desires something a little  different yet tender. Liz Fielding hits the  perfect chord in this romance ... this house cleaning heroine  and her professor stole this reader's heart." ... book_reader, Colorado


Ellie March is leading a double life.  In her make-believe world, she’s Lady Gabriella March,  writing a column for an upmarket lifestyle magazine on the joys of managing the gorgeous house she shares with her “husband”, “three adorable children” and several well-bred dogs.

In the real world, however, she’s happily unattached (apart from the cat) and keeping her head above water by freelancing as a “domestic” while attempting to find a publisher for her novel.  House-sitting her dream home rather than living the life she’s writing about.  Everything is ticking along nicely until Ben Faulkner,  the owner of the house comes home unexpectedly and her dual roles begin to collide...


North America & UK release

May 2007


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‘Good book?’


A deep, velvety voice penetrated the cold, swirling mists of the Yorkshire moors, jerking Ellie back into the twenty-first century.


Not an entirely bad thing. 


She’d started the afternoon with the intention of giving the study a thorough bottoming.  Keeping on top of the dust in the rambling old house she was “sitting” while its owner was away was not onerous, but it did require a schedule or she lost track; today it was the study’s turn.  Unfortunately, her attention had been grabbed by the unexpected discovery of a top-shelf cache of gothic romances and she’d forgotten all about the dust.


But then again, it was not entirely good, either. 


Being startled while perched on top of a ladder was always going be risky.  On a library ladder with an inclination to take off on its tracks at the slightest provocation, it was just asking for trouble.  And trouble was what Ellie got.




Losing her balance six feet above ground was bad enough, but her attempt to recover it proved disastrous as the ladder shifted sideways, taking her feet with it.


Too busy attempting to defy the laws of gravity to yell at the fool who’d caused the problem, she dropped her duster and made a desperate grab for the bookshelf with one hand -- while clinging tightly to the precious leather-bound volume she’d been reading in the other.    


For a moment, as her fingertips made contact with the shelf, she thought it was going to be all right. 


She quickly discovered that she’d been over-optimistic and that in lunging for the shelf – the laws of physics being what they were -- she’d only made things worse.   


Her body went one way, her feet went the other.


Fingers and shelf parted company.


Happily -- or not, depending upon your point of view - the author of her misfortune took the full force of her fall. 


If she’d been the wraithlike heroine of one of those top shelf romances – or indeed of her own growing pile of unpublished manuscripts -- Ellie would, at this point, have dropped tidily into his arms and the fool, having taken one look, would have fallen instantly and madly in love with her.  Of course there would have to be several hundred pages of misunderstandings and confusion before he finally admitted it either to himself, or to her since men tended to be a bit dense when it came to romance.


Since this was reality, and she was built on rather more substantial lines than the average heroine of a romance - who wasn’t? - she fell on him like the proverbial ton of bricks and they went down in a heap of tangled limbs.


And Emily Bronte gave him a cuff round the ear with her leather binding for good measure.


From the book THE SECRET LIFE OF LADY GABRIELLA by Liz Fielding
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